When You Wish Upon a Podcast

13 - Cinderella

March 25, 2016

Second big Disney Princess movie. Many versions of Cinderella. Game – who’s the bigger underdog? Cinderella – not her real name? The step sisters are the worst. How do the Disney princesses train the animals to help them? Yelling at clocks. Why don’t you trade clothes? Cats are the worst. One potato two potato, bubblegum bubblegum, egg. Impressive tray carrying skills. Evil people always have cats. The pilot season of the Bachelor tv show. Miranda Sings could play a good step sister. I’ll cut it with the scissors! The mice crush it on Project Runway! Step sisters act like they are on MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen. Fairy Godmother’s weird transformation choices. Glass shoes don’t seem like a good idea. Trying to trap her. Huge plot hole. If the shoe fits. Magic Kingdom – Cinderella’s Castle, Fairy Godmother – free samples and no late returns! Next episode - Treasure Island.