When You Wish Upon a Podcast

17 - Peter Pan

April 22, 2016

Sleeping potential guest. Yet another all-star voice cast. Other versions of Peter Pan. That’s enough! On to the movie! All this has happened before and it will all happen again. The oldest sibling is the supreme authority on the facts. Way more violent than we remember. Punishment - you’re getting your own room! “I have to grow up tomorrow”. Don’t step on shadow lady. Soap – the worst adhesive. Tinkerbell as a symbol is way different than her actual character. Amanda forgot there were songs in this movie. Kisses and thimbles. Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning. Disney marathon – full costumed Captain Hook running past. Good form. Shave so close you cut their head off. Banished for all time (or a week). I shall try to be worthy of my post. We can’t believe this hasn’t been as controversial as Song of the South. We were only trying to drown her. Game – casting a modern-day YouTube version of Peter Pan. Amanda tied Melissa to a tree to reenact this scene. Unfair but fair fight. Keeping a crocodile’s mouth open with your legs - scientifically inaccurate. Mr. Smee is a train wreck assistant. Golden hook, red jewel, ready to go. Getting sick from smoking the peace pipe. Throws Tink in the clink. Signing bonus of a free tattoo. Needed a redemption scene for Peter. Teddy bear cannonball butt. I’m a codfish. Pixie dusting the whole ship. Things from the book that were missing. John’s top hat is the best. Grow up! Peter Pan, the maritime lawyer (Arrested Development). Once Upon a Time – great show. Jim Dale – the best audio book narrator. Next episode – The Sword and the Rose.