When You Wish Upon a Podcast

18 - The Sword and the Rose

April 29, 2016

Thrillingly dull. Phil is face blind to these actors. Old timey period drama. New York Times review from 1953 “A time consuming tangle of mild satisfaction”. Start with a wrestling match. The Duke of Buckingham – dweeby villain of the movie. Hats with feathers for days. Mary wears the worst outfit for badminton. Private dance tryout. Scandalous move – touching her waist. Dancing then versus dancing now. History nugget - Henry VIII scoping out the next wife. Old guy messenger is so good. Compose me a sonnet. Pretending to be naked and scared toots. No women on boats. Amanda didn’t bother to do research. Second marriage pact. Game – The Sword and the Rose Celebrity Edition. Going into the wedding planning for their death. Spoiler alert. Prison Break - no recollection of the plot of this show. Bad hit men – didn’t finish the job. Death from riding a horse. Phil got a phone call asking if it was Phillip Phillips. Grab someone and force them to marry you. Wait, were there guns at that time? Paying back the loan of money and a woman. Creepy last line of the movie. Take a hint, move on. There’s plenty of Swedish fish in this bag. Dramatically petting a falcon. If at first you don’t succeed, pick your second husband. Next episode - Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue.