When You Wish Upon a Podcast

19 - Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue

May 6, 2016

What did I just watch? Title sounds way more exciting than it actually was. Scotland breaking away from UK – this movie is basically the same as the 2015 political vote. This actor is in his 3rd straight lead role for terrible movies. Three strikes and you’re out! Duke of Sweaters. Fancy people love wigs. Hide in plain sight. Aggressive storytelling. Is Thursday the worst day for clothes? There was a guy who looked at me once. Terrible flirting. Coolest way to start a bonfire. The ultimate wedding crashers. Secret cave meeting. Game – Name That Tune Bagpipe Edition. Terrible boulder plan. None of them are rogue enough. Seems like the identical plot (and actor) to Robin Hood (ep 16). The halfway point in any movie is painfully slow. Phil thinks he missed something, but it was just the plot. Bad form. So much plaid in this movie. Pause and put on some plaid – show your team colors. Text on screen – laziest storytelling device. When you figure out how to live without money, let me know. Phil missed the fact that the king spoke German. King by default. Violence and acting are sub-par. Oh sweet a celebrity. Phil had face blindness yet again. Amanda hated this movie. The mother was helpful at helping. Amanda and Phil lose it during character analysis. Next episode - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.