When You Wish Upon a Podcast

22 - Lady and the Tramp

May 27, 2016

Start out with some ruff dog puns. Phil argues that you can buy the wag of a dog’s tail. Christmas-y feel, because it’s Christmas. Put holes in a box if you put a puppy in it. Why do dogs bury bones? Every dog gets the same collar. Collarless dog = homeless. Is Tramp his actual name?. Lady lives in Snob Hill. Babies - they resemble humans, walk on all fours, are expensive. You look radiant, you look terrible. Phil wants baby shoe and sock designs in his size. Creepy song about what a baby is. These Siamese cats are the worst (and all cats). Beaver is the best character in this movie. VIP table in a back alley. These humans are way too into this dog date. Spaghetti and meatball sub – strike up the band item! Not to change the subject, but have you ever chased chickens? Dog quartet not getting booked for any gigs. Lady in jail is like Orange is the New Black. Game – “Which dog is your spirit animal” quiz. Jock and Trusty marriage pact. Rat battle. Christmas puppy time part two. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – That Lady is a Tramp. Can’t figure out the moral. Find someone and make them listen to this podcast. Next episode – The Littlest Outlaw.