When You Wish Upon a Podcast

23 - The Littlest Outlaw

June 3, 2016

Stuck in the 50’s for so long! Maybe these movies were a hit at the time? It turns out this movie is way more boring than expected. Why are they impressed by a jumping horse that can’t jump? Fancy people like horse jumping, Phil does not. Nicknames for Conquistador. Gauchito was way better than Pablito. Worst training techniques. Dramatic music during mundane events. Amanda got dragged by a horse. Excuse me senorita. Game – Horse jokes! The horse doesn’t know he’s an outlaw. Oooo hoooo? Chief of Police. Bargaining with a night gown. Kid is a terrible outlaw. If you lose anything, sing to St. Anthony and you’ll immediately find it. If it wasn’t in the last place that you looked, why did you keep looking? I’m so hungry I could eat a horse – sorry. Too big to be the littlest. Crashing a wedding. Horse sanctuary. Dorodorodorodorodoro doroteo. Dora the Explorer – I’m the map! Bull fighting is weird. Our time at a rodeo. The general gives away a horse that isn’t his? Normally you have an evil stepmother, this was an evil stepfather. Forget this movie and never look back. Next episode – The Great Locomotive Chase