When You Wish Upon a Podcast

24 - The Great Locomotive Chase

June 10, 2016

All aboard! True life historical train caper. Let’s read a newspaper clipping in the past about something we’ll do in the future. Glasses make you seem less threatening. Googling “Civil War time” got Phil the times for Captain America: Civil War. Locomotive word usage through the years. Ticket to Ride board game is the best. He gave them so many chances to leave. Amanda uses air quotes that you can’t see – better than unnecessary quotes in signs. Lazy planning and backstories. They all love singing and hats. If you’re undercover, join the toast. I wish I were in Dixie. Battle for seats at coffee shops. Amanda missed a train in Paris – almost gets arrested but then gets first-class treatment. Running after a train seems like a terrible plan. Chasers get a gondola style push car. The chase is on! If you’re heisting, trains aren’t the way to go. Perfect measurement – just a slosh. Conductor didn’t catch them, but if he did, what would he have done? Game – Train Riddles. They all get caught because of their lazy backstory. We’d rather fight than scheme. This movie was very close to the actual history. We liked that they failed and there wasn’t a happy ending. Arts festival in Georgia to commemorate the event. Next episode – Westward Ho the Wagons!