When You Wish Upon a Podcast

25 - Westward Ho the Wagons!

June 17, 2016

Eastward Ho the Airplane! Do exactly the opposite of this movie. The 50’s are the Fess Parker and Jeff York show. Oregon versus Oregon. This movie was a tough one to get through. Learn from the other person’s mistake. Westward Ho Hoe-down! Do-si-dos and Girl Scout Cookies. The legend of the squirrel story. Standing up or just standing there? Playing hide and seek with kids. Pawnee – Parks and Recreation is such a great show. Why run after someone when you just stole their horses? Even the stuff you think you need, get rid of half of it. How are any of these characters related to each other? Dropping weight. We don’t understand their stampede plan. Game – Oregon Trail computer game questions (top ways to die and animals you can hunt). Oregon Trail and Amazon Trail. Trading old pelts for nice clothes. Dan versus Little Thunder. Bungee cords and timed tent building. Creepy plot point with the little blonde girl. A lot of chanting, long stares, and nothing happening. We missed our one sentence recaps. Does this movie warrant an exclamation point? No plot, no normal build to a movie, no redeeming qualities. Historical inaccuracies. Next episode – Johnny Tremain.