When You Wish Upon a Podcast

26 - Johnny Tremain

June 24, 2016

Ending the first half of our first year with a special guest – our dad, Jim Paradis. Perfect one sentence recap from our guest. Looked like a stage show. Little pony tails were the key fashion statement. Real hair is just the poor man’s wig. Business plan – I’m not good enough, go to someone else. Hancock’s character was completely left out of this movie. Print press seemed like so much work! Silver hand and Inferno movie edit problems. Johnny faces discrimination when applying to jobs. Death penalty for a small theft. “Look at this beggar from the streets, then look at me!” The horse whisperer. No writing names down. Happy debt collector. Jimmy and Johnny the newspaper delivery boys. So excited to blow the whistle. Boston Tea Party - not the right time for a casual conversation. Tea dumping scene was really low budget. History lesson and Hamilton reference. Game – guessing the definitions of Boston slang terms. Walt Disney’s daughter gets a small part. Extreme Makeover – Hand Edition. Paul Revere rows incorrectly for the best camera angle. Shot heard round the world. Lexington and Concord fight over who was first. Our dad flexes his math skills. Always choose the main character as your love interest. Mr. Light is Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank. Liberty Square in Disney World was inspired by this movie. Hall of Presidents - Dad’s favorite Disney attraction. Terrible death scenes. For what do we fight for? Phil ruins his grandmother’s chances in the forehead game. Next episode – Old Yeller