When You Wish Upon a Podcast

27 - Old Yeller

July 1, 2016

First return guest, our sister, Melissa Paradis! Our guest is far behind in listening to the podcast. Spoiler alerts right at the beginning. Who is this kid and why? Explaining things to children is difficult. One money versus five monies. Always have a frog in your pocket. Zuko holding Phil’s Pikachu stuffed animal. Meat entrapment plan. In the world of bad ideas, trapping a baby bear is number one. Travis is a sociopath. We went to a taping of the game show “That’s My Dog”. “I’ll milk you if I have to break every bone in your body” – you’re doing it wrong. Game – Old Yeller theme song lyrics. Team Rocket interlude. Old Yeller is the best doggone dog in the west and Zuko is the best in the east. The Rifleman is in this movie. Kevin Corcoran looks different 60 years later. Terrible trade. Beans from Even Stevens. Pig fishin’. Not relevant, moving on! What’s further Heaven or Kansas? Phoebe from Friends thinks the movie ends when Yeller saves the day. Oh look, Dad’s home! Sometimes life sucks. Travis doesn’t just do normal things. Young Yeller! Envisioning what an Old Yeller attraction would look like. Give ‘em a chance (only applies to dogs). Stuffing the ballot box. Next episode – The Light in the Forest