When You Wish Upon a Podcast

28 - The Light In The Forest

July 8, 2016

Amanda is back on the west coast and got sick on the way. Kidnap, reverse kidnap, disowned, flee. Fess Parker is back in fringe in the same role. Live action Bambi meets Roy Roy the Highland Rogue. Old timey Delaware, current day New Jersey. True Son, you’re really my son, trust me. 23andMe genetic thing. Trying to scalp everyone. True Son is actually named Johnny. Tiny bathtub and wearing clothes makes you stink. Party fights and pathetic slaps. Stealing clothes and a creepy kiss attempt. Trying to guess what was in Fess Parker’s contract. Melissa pretending to read. Saying thank you with a tackle. Similar to a King Cake. “You can’t make a claw horse out of a wild colt but if you make friends with him he’ll come looking over your fence”. Game – translating Lenape words. Trapping someone into compliments. Johnny is stuck in the middle of racism on both sides. Put up your dukes final scene. Why are you entering a fist fight, stop that! Misleading movie title. Useless paddling. Next episode – Tonka