When You Wish Upon a Podcast

29 - Tonka

July 15, 2016

Phil starts singing the Tonka theme song without knowing any lyrics. This is the movie that broke Fess Parker. Fan submitted info! This movie is completely untrue and doesn’t make sense. Custer’s Last Stand – we don’t know much about it. Trevor Noah standup bit about Native American/Indians. Sal Mineo – an Italian kid from the Bronx playing an Indian. Losing a prized possession – a rope. Food is not as important as horses or scalps. “No longer will they call you the mother of a son who does not know how to be a man”. Our tips to stay awake during this movie. This is just “How to Train Your Dragon” but with a horse. Losing your hard work to someone who didn’t do anything. “I’m your friend, I’ll help” – Strong Bear. Strong Bad and Homestar Runner cartoons. Game – Which Disney horse are you?. Gumby and Pokey hiding in the plants. Did they get a good deal while buying Tonka? We know how many we have seen but we don’t know how many we haven’t seen. Big rock/little rock code. Mud medicine. Tonka versus Comanche. Seth Myers and Leslie Jones watching Game of Thrones. Calm it down, the battle is over. Tonka is praised as the “lone survivor” even though he’s not. Baby horses and terrible acting. History lesson about Custer. Next episode – Sleeping Beauty