When You Wish Upon a Podcast

3 - Fantasia

January 15, 2016

Orchestra concert with cartoons. Eight segments combined into one movie. Toccata and Fugue - could be a good 90’s screen saver. Nutcracker Suite - too relaxing! The Sorcerer’s Apprentice - the most recognizable from this movie. Even the characters fall asleep during this movie! Mickey Mouse brutally murders a broomstick. The Rite of Spring - weird science history lesson. Intermission - jazzy intermission. Game - trivia time! The Pastoral Symphony - cool mythology segment. Dance of the Hours - lots of animals doing ballet. These animals remind us of Spelling Jungle, the best computer game ever! Night on Bald Mountain / Ave Maria - weird choice to end the movie. Fantasmic - one of the best shows at Disney World! We were both in band. Characters, morals, and grades. Next episode - The Reluctant Dragon