When You Wish Upon a Podcast

30 - Sleeping Beauty

July 22, 2016

The dawn at the end of a long night. Sixteen year old played by twenty nine sounded like forty. Bedazzled gold book. Hey, I want some months named after me! Betrothal and creepy Twilight imprinting. Beauty and song versus frankincense and myrrh. The lost gift. Alvin and the Chipmunk fairies. Mistress of Evil, sorry we didn’t invite you to our baby shower. Maleficent is the Debby Downer of this party. The worst gifts we’ve ever gotten. Phil hates giving and getting gifts. Flowers don’t have fingers. That’s totally Fauna of Fauna. Stay focused on your mission. Phil’s guess at why she’s named Briar Rose. Green means grass means Flora? False! Amanda has the reputation as Master of Surprise. Once you have magic you can’t NOT use it. Egg parenting tv plot lines. Balloon popping bees Never! Okay maybe later tonight. Phil’s Roomba is essentially fairy magic cleanup. We want color changing clothes. Aurora crying on her bed – teenage devastation. Game – Which Disney Prince Are You? Dad’s getting drunk. Phil slaps Laura with a fish. Hypnotists – real or fake? SpongeBob Wumbo episode and Flash Forward. Phil couldn’t pronounce the word melancholy. Jeff Probst cutting through the jungle with the final votes. Google image search Sleeping Beauty - pink versus blue. Aurora’s minimal screen time. If you’re not invited to a party, don’t go. Original stories – Grimm and Charles Perrault. Charles Perrault’s creepy version. We’re related to Charles Perrault. Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Disneyland Hong Kong’s castles. Aurora is all over Disney World – you can find her everywhere. Maleficent is the main villain in Fantasmic. Don’t over complicate things. Next episode – The Shaggy Dog