When You Wish Upon a Podcast

31 - The Shaggy Dog

July 29, 2016

No one asked for it, but our sister Melissa is back! Back to black and white. Why does the mailman hate dogs? Broad City at the DMV. You small town hicks! Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran are back! I’d rather congratulate dogs than people. Shooting a missile through the house. Phil’s Failure to launch (a missile). The $7 date. This isn’t how dating works. If a statue is moving, just leave. Don’t worry about old knot-head. I like to stop at the duty free shop. Our problems with this shape shifting situation. The dog was the best actor in the movie. Amanda as Dorothy for a dance recital. I can play harmonica, look at that advertisement! Game – Finding our dog names. Buzz has two dates. If you grab a paw instead of a hand, you’d know. Most complicated plot for no reason. Melissa used to pretend to be a dog. How would you realize you’re not still fighting a dog? The end goes against what the entire movie taught us. I like you better as a dog than a brother. Looking at puppy pictures. Kids with dogs Instagram account. Pic collage with us and our pets. Next episode - Darby O’Gill and the Little People.