When You Wish Upon a Podcast

32 - Darby O’Gill and the Little People

August 5, 2016

Amanda starts us out with her best Irish accent. We introduce a new segment thanks to one of our fans! Pretty Irish Girl song. Our accidental Irish outfits. Starring a young Sean Connery! Churning butter seems so time consuming. Snooping around in front of people isn’t snooping. The accents make it tough to understand. Phil had a United States History class taught by an Irish guy. If you get three wishes, always choose gold as one of them. Don’t accidentally go for a fourth wish! Sean Connery and his famous accent. Seems like a decent retirement package. I’ll pay you with sound. Phil’s rainbow chase. Size ratios and fiddles. Downing buckets of whisky and advice from horses. Silicon Valley - Jared's version of taking a shot. Kings and cats. Phil’s leprechaun traps. Picnic baskets and hazardous hot bread. Game – James Bond (Bond trivia and Sporcle quiz). Amanda gets offended by the King. Her date dress is homely at best. Don’t propose in the middle of a fight. All of a sudden there are banshees? Dark ending? Reversed wishes and plot holes. Is Darby or is he just a senile old man? Phil messes up Epcot World Showcase. Folklore nuggets. Phil can’t spell the word carriage. Forced laughter and cup sitting. Special effects bonus feature was better than the movie. Next episode – Third Man on the Mountain