When You Wish Upon a Podcast

33 - Third Man on the Mountain

August 12, 2016

Another numbered coincidence. Finally done with the 1950’s. We plan our spinoff Mary Kate and Ashley podcast. Classic dream opening. Our main character acted and sounded like Luke Skywalker. How to reduce echoes in rooms. Little dialogue, lots of climbing. Phil skips half the movie because it’s not important. Best loft bedroom in the ski lodge. Top bunk is cool, bottom bunk is practical. Phil gets mad at Amanda for talking about the movie. Training like the Biggest Loser. Phil’s beginner yoga class. Elementary school hikes with Tank. Bikram yoga sounds terrible. Game #1 – Rock Climbing Vocab. Balderdash and Wise and Otherwise. Our rock climbing experiences. Taking your keys out of your purse three states away. Amanda’s definition of a Rusty Bucket. Lazy flower crowns. Lisbeth’s festival outfit. The people in this town need more things to do. I don’t want to be that backpack full of rocks. They merkeled it! Long live the dishwasher! Game #2 – The Third Man. Amanda messes up the presidents. Episode released in the middle of the Rio Olympics. You know that thing where you… go dance with Klaus. Expedition Everest isn’t based on this movie? Why was there never a rich Englishman waiting for me in a crevasse? Alex Honnold climbing with no ropes. Next episode – Toby Tyler