When You Wish Upon a Podcast

35 - Kidnapped

August 26, 2016

Kidnapping torture by watching this movie. Reverse ransom. Amanda loses interest in the book and movie. Director and author connection. Immediate journey – no packing. Don’t assume it’s not loaded. Eating the food you give to someone? Locking your guests out. Perfectly dirty face. Okay so how about that secret now. Taking care of him in order to kill him? Lead presents. I’m on a boat! Game – Family Feud! House of Mouse was a weird, but great, show. The game never ends. Getting stuck on the It’s a Small World ride. Stealing coins from wishing wells. Picking up money from the ground. Good luck at Red Sox games and math class. Amanda creates a completely different plot to the movie. Son of Rob Roy. Bagpipe trash talk. No takesies backsies. Be tricky – but not too tricky. Next episode - Pollyanna.