When You Wish Upon a Podcast

36 - Pollyanna

September 2, 2016

Choppy audio! Stick with it! Special guest – Aunt Kathy. Aunt Kathy loves this movie! First Kevin Corcoran move Melissa has missed. Littleton, NH has a festival called the Glad Day. Hoop rolling Happy as a clam in a terrible outfit. So many nice bedrooms and she get a room in the attic. Jimmy Fallon Downton Abbey parody and Below Deck. Awkward family dinner. Store bought clothes and new underwear! Amanda feels like a fancy person when she gets her Stitch Fix. Aunt Kathy’s brown plaid suit. Town meeting in a plant. Yelling about death and hell. Fishing in new clothes with a string and bucket. I’m your friend. Recruiting mission for the town day. Doesn’t believe in community projects. We start a prism business. Picking out a coffin design. Game – The Glad Game. Fast passes for Fast Track from 2002. Hermit haircut. Happy texts and fake quotes. Bazaar montage and sneaking out. Profit margins on watermelon. Morph suit of the twenties. Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow. Get inside first – forget the doll! Worst time for a love connection. Everyone and everything in town arrives. Sneakily optimistic. Grandpa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Keys to recharging yourself at Disney World. You don’t know anything about refracted light?! Pollyanna definition. Next episode - The Sign of Zorro