When You Wish Upon a Podcast

37 - The Sign of Zorro

September 9, 2016

Z that stands for Zorro! Zorro is the Spanish word for fox. Amanda tries to get Phil to watch Jane the Virgin. Bernardo the spy! Pronunciation wars. Every movie seems to be about taxes. Overemphasis on gymnastics. Phil wants to start a letter writing campaign. Butterfree and Venomoth should be swapped! Parks and Rec – Diana and the letter writing campaign. No one in Spanish class was allowed to use the name Nacho. Zorro is Batman on a horse. Arresting family members. I’ve instructed each man not to move until the others have moved first. Game – Masked Identity. Sword of Justice pointed at his back! Sexy tap dancing? Bar fight – sword fight. “Hardly the material I would choose for myself”. Telephone booth time! Phil gives tips on how to use tear away pants. His outfit is not meant for quick changes. GOB being buried in his father’s place. Tipping your waitress – with rubies and diamonds. “If I did not value my own life so highly, I would relieve you of yours”. Queen Amidala and the Vice Roy. “I want them cheerful even if you have to shoot them!”. Throwing the gauntlet – slapping with a glove. Mittens on a string. Book Zorro vs Movie Zorro. Guess Who with fun backstories and questions. Puss in Boots. Arch Rival! Next episode – Ten Who Dared