When You Wish Upon a Podcast

38 - Ten Who Dared

September 16, 2016

Rogue truth or dare. American historical adventure. The Grand Canyon is pretty big. Hiking and handkerchiefs. Dining room chair on a boat. Introducing the Ten! Right hand man for someone who doesn’t have one. The dog was the best part of the movie. And Then There Were None. Spoiler alert for something that didn’t happen. Too cute to shoot! Gold Rush! Aggressive drinking escalation. Our names for our inanimate objects. Elsa, Grayden Chadley, and Redji. Doing something while other people are talking about doing it. Fist fight over cleanliness. Game – Countdown from 10. Where we thought the movie was going to go. Late night calculations. Suspenders and socks up to his face. Oh and by the way, those guys died. “Fantastic erosion”. 4th grade Water Fair projects. Next episode – Swiss Family Robinson.