When You Wish Upon a Podcast

4 - The Reluctant Dragon

January 22, 2016

Very misleading title. Our lead character is not promising from the start. Stop shilly shallying! Why are you selling the rights to something you don’t own? No appointment, no problem! There’s a literal elephant in the room. Wouldn’t it be easier to wreck a real train? Remember me? You look different in technicolor! Organize your stock room! How does everyone know who this nobody is? They seemed too eager to show that they don’t overwork babies. Walt Disney sits down in the weirdest position. Baby Weems - the best baby in the world. How to Ride a Horse with Goofy. Game - our timid superhero names. The Reluctant Dragon - funny story and weird poems. Sweet little upside down cake and radishes. Phil ran the Disney Marathon in 2014. Characters, morals, and grades. Next episode - Dumbo