When You Wish Upon a Podcast

41 - The Absent-Minded Professor

October 7, 2016

So many requests for Chris to join us! The original Flubber! As a tall person who can’t dunk, Chris wants this. “Anti-gravity simulation”. Black and white throwback. Morning trumpet and Mario flute. Melissa and the broken euphonium. Forgetting your wedding. Shelby Ashton – the original Mr Steal Your Girl. Don’t have an ex drive you to your wedding. They don’t seem to have good “chemistry”. Big time equation and good science. He kicks the bucket. Sound effects and special effects. First go-to – test it with radioactive material. Invent a time machine and buy up a ton of land and cause the housing crisis. Biff vs Bifford. Illegal gambling ring businessman. Middle school college kids. Monstars and Globetrotters. Indoor gunshot. Game – College Colors. Cheeso-dweeb-head is delusional. Sketchy character turn-around. Shark Tank pitch for Flubber. Phil calls up Barry Obama to suggest some ideas. Just jumping is not a good way to woo someone. Dad took off his shoes to dance at a bar. Squirrel engines Trick laden sales pitch. Useless henchmen. Old car maps. Fourth time’s the charm. Grease death theory. Self-driving cars. Don’t use poetry to get girls. Work-life balance. Next episode – The Parent Trap.