When You Wish Upon a Podcast

42 - The Parent Trap

October 14, 2016

Trapping one of our parents in the room – Denise Paradis. Zuko claps for her debut! VHS tape from 1993 complete with weird commercials. Old school versus modern human. Actors and Claymation cupids. Matching uniforms and popping pills. Summer camp stories. Bug Juice tv show. Insulting and bullying your twin. Reverse mullet dresses? Double actor mess-ups. Swapping places with rough haircuts. Bad green screen. Adopting the fiancé. Telegrams are old fashioned text messages. Parent Rap! Game – Parent Trap Swap. Dress for success. Gossipy reverend. Gold digging rudeness. You look good for you age. Camping blackmail and hiking sabotage. La Creuset jealousy. The Trouble with Angels shout out. Baby bear honey toes. Do we have twins out there somewhere? Regis Philbin's cracker endorsement deal. Next episode – Greyfriars Bobby