When You Wish Upon a Podcast

43 - Nikki, Wild Dog of the North

October 21, 2016

Wild pet of the room – Oliver the Roomba! Confused by the crying. Puppy smiles. Fur Company Headquarters. Whenever you’re in trouble, climb a tree. Right place, wrong paw. Dad kicks the kids out of the car. Rewinding a digital movie. Three week three legged race. Talent versus owning metal. Animal buddy commercial. Animals that could take us down. Mother killing bear. False bear advice. Laziest attack. Accidental hibernation. Game – Buddy Films. Buddy’s mishap. Snowshoe Olympics. Phil throws a fit to get out of day care. Outsmarting the traps. Weird jump kick fighting. Sometimes you’ve got to cut your friends loose. It made me have feelings. Next episode – Greyfriars Bobby.