When You Wish Upon a Podcast

45 - Babes in Toyland

November 4, 2016

Waving hello from our guest - Sophia Bemiss. Who’s the creep? New release from the sixties. Mary Poppins scene stealer. Gremlins in Toyland? Tons of returners. Younger brother loser. Weinerville and hot dog trophies. Play made because of Wizard of Oz. Amanda loves musicals except Oklahoma. Broadway plays we’ve seen. Commitment lemonade and evil telescopes. Spend money to make money. Similar to Penn and Teller. Magical mallet. Never trust henchmen. Hand puppet rivalry. Threatening proposal. Champagne and cake diet. Bills bill bills vs basic math and interest rates song. Forest of No Return. You can outrun a tree. Tree logistics. “Come, let us lurk”. Pre-broken toys. Game – Which Toy is Better? Sorting K’NEX, braiding Betty Spaghetty’s hair, Lite-Brite disasters, Bop-It hogs, and eating Play-Doh. You alone are responsible! Inefficient assembly lines. Jack and Barnaby – Back At It! Sophia’s typed and thorough notes. Fun evil. Next episode - Moon Pilot