When You Wish Upon a Podcast

46 - Moon Pilot

November 11, 2016

Did we watch the same movie?! Space movie expectation. Low quality mission control. Chimpanzee astronaut. Made up, hopeful facts. Would we go to space? Space camp. Fly by the seat of your stabbed pants. Moon crazy lunatic. Suitcase full of toothpaste. Don’t take pills from strangers!. Partial confidentiality. Phil’s flight boarding successes. Last look at the neighborhood. Game #1 – Beatnik Phrases. Looking at yourself in mirrors. I’m sorry your door seems to be malfunctioning. Opposite spy. Tie troubles. My whole knowledge of space comes from movies. Astronaut Jones on SNL. Game #2 – Space Trivia. My very extreme mom jumps sideways under nervous paranoia. Beatnik lineup. Real or fake? Movie mission controls. Next episode - Bon Voyage!