When You Wish Upon a Podcast

48 - Big Red

November 25, 2016

Dog movie – Melissa is back at it again! It’s not Clifford (the big red dog). Phil tries to remember a movie and stumps everyone (including himself!) Finding shiny objects on the ground. Super expensive dog. Zuko - Best in House and print ad model. Irresponsible job interview. Secret hunting lessons. Phil revisits the unknown movie. Fur vs hair. Put a harmonica in your mouth and go up and down the stairs a few times. Melissa gives Zuko a French braid. Best in Show and Mascots – movies. Amanda makes weird movie predictions. Game – Dog Breeds in French. Phil competes as hard as he can to win. Phil figures out the unknown movie – The Rocketeer. Who’s at fault? Backpack full of puppies. Disagreement over the main character. I don’t really know his life. Thanksgiving and Black Friday wishes. SteeBucks SBucks. You tell me if I lean on too heavily. Pinterest board of puppies. Vote for the 2016 Wishies! Next episode – Almost Angels

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