When You Wish Upon a Podcast

49 - Almost Angels

December 2, 2016

Almost recorded but we didn’t! Minimal hijinks, a lot of professionalism. Dance Moms drama. Amanda the math nerd accountant. Our hero - Ben Wyatt. Resumes and letters of recommendation. Font snobs and Comic Sans. Alternative movie if he didn’t get in. Aggressive versus passive aggressive. Memory foam pillow fight. Phil’s camp counselor point competition. Head stand run in place yelling peanut butter jelly. Phil sleeps at his friends’ choir concerts. Amanda took a German class for 3 weeks. Quick learning like High School Musical 2. Game – Singing Trivia. Vocal cords. Haters Back Off – Miranda Sings choir scene. Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony – singing kid swap. Clueless audiences. Disney Springs entertainment area. Children’s holiday concert. Growing up is the worst. Vienna Boys Choir. Not nearly enough hijinks. Next episode - The Legend of Lobo.