When You Wish Upon a Podcast

50 - The Legend of Lobo

December 9, 2016

Legend wait for it Lobo! It was barely a movie. Lobo is Spanish for wolf. Human P. Smith. Normal person comparison for the Olympics. Not killing your children is a wolf thing. Penguin battle. It’s not delivery it’s Deer-Giorno. People leave common sense at home when traveling. If someone knows where you live, you have to move. One way friendship. Size of the dog in the fight. Badger badger badger. Mario Twins – Group X. Game #1 – Legends of the Hidden Temple Team Quiz. Corn Maze team colors. Friend A. Jones. Game #2 – Leader of the Pack. Rudolph’s Christmas in July. Enemy V. Thompson. Cliff notes version of the book. Phil’s misguided, confident guessing strategy. Next episode – In Search of the Castaways.