When You Wish Upon a Podcast

51 - In Search of the Castaways

December 16, 2016

Emphasis on the word attempt. We need to find our Disney compilation albums. Phil’s interpretive dance to American Adventure song (Golden Dream). Sneaking into a yacht party. Buffet bandits. Four Weddings is a stupid good show. The Lordship. Message in a bottle – the old fashioned text message. Put all of your eggs in one basket! Book Crossing. Earthquake stories. Terrible green screen. For a girl. Pretending to be allergic to things. Gator vs jaguar vs fire vs flood. Blow your eyelids open to stay awake. Amanda didn’t make a Survivor game. Game – Pirate Jokes. Creepy hair rope. Letting someone climb over you. Hide on an active volcano?! Run from the llama – lava. The message in a bottle was forged. Mullet wig. Next episode - Son of Flubber.