When You Wish Upon a Podcast

52 - Son of Flubber

December 23, 2016

Return movie, return guest – Chris Platek. Why is Biff there? Top secret flubber. Chris complains about the terrible puns. Top secret meeting is code for playing golf. If it’s off the charts, change your scale. Terrible flubber products. Noun association survey and Stitch Fix rankings. Useless infomercial people. BodyForm Fitness Stick. Banana Slicer Amazon reviews. Cousin Christmas Secret Santa. Happy belated birthday to William. Amanda – “the government is a scam”. Calculating the paperboy’s earnings. Bad science. Annoying return characters. Game – original uses for inventions. Amanda likes the word guff. Going to a party just for the food. Ninja turtle newspaper caper, milk jug skeleton bones, Ash Ketchum. Shady business venture. “If you weren’t deductible, I’d disown you”. Amanda needs an explanation of football. Pawnee vs Eagleton. Unnecessary sequel. Air Bud movie success. Amanda – “It’s okay to cheat”. Next episode - Miracle of the White Stallions