When You Wish Upon a Podcast

54 - Miracle of the White Stallions

January 6, 2017

Phil’s new headphones and Amanda’s new DVD. Why save people when you can save horses? Phil couldn’t really see the movie. Vienna horse school. Amanda went to horse camp and has the wood block picture to prove it. Making puzzles on the floor. Wienerschnitzel solves your problems. Getting orders from everyone and their dog. Crazy laws. Added thief drama. Game - who would you save? Bear necklaces and Guy the Finger Spy. Amanda tricked Phil into watching Jane the Virgin and Community. Phil mutes and misses an important scene. Bad overreaction to good news. Spoiling operation cowboy Stale fudge. Synchronized swimming for horses. He could bore people into anything. Taylor making dinner. Olympic history nuggets. Amanda’s George Costanza G key prophecy - That’s So Raven. Will Amanda keep the DVD? Next episode - Savage Sam