When You Wish Upon a Podcast

55 - Savage Sam

January 13, 2017

Top dog from last year ruins her shot. Sequel to Old Yeller. Completely different breed of dog than last time. Parent Trap is now on Netflix. Tables have turned on the brothers. Inferno (worst movie ever) - burgers and dogs. Weird grandmother sickness situation. Shooting cow milk at cats - squirt gun water into people’s mouths. Old Dan Tucker. Rocking - throwing rocks at people. Seeing red. Man who mooches food. Don’t provoke bobcats. Every man for themselves situation. Always have a lookout. Game - what kind of sibling are you? Who broke the lamp? Rag tag team. Horses run faster than people. Wait for the plan. Amazing shot. They didn’t each Jumper! Yeller was better, minus the rabies. Next episode - Summer Magic