When You Wish Upon a Podcast

56 - Summer Magic

January 20, 2017

Return guest who remembered this movie as better than it actually was - Aunt Kathy! Ragtime Boston. The kids look like they’re not part of the same family. Page boy haircut. Hair genetics and random casting. Player piano. Accidentally lying on a college application. Excessive moving of pianos. Title of the movie doesn’t apply. King of the hill drama. Amanda is still playing Pokemon Go. Kids aren’t as inventive. Chris’ Buster Brown suit at Aunt K’s wedding. Yet another weird hat. Ugly Bug Ball. Game - Summer Trivia. Junior Ranger badges. Our first jobs. Ceremony for a fake person. “I always expect the worst and I haven’t been disappointed”. Extravagant party for no money. Rubber bands on your pants when riding a bicycle. We don’t understand the rules of croquet. Croquet 2.0 - Phil’s new business venture. Weird picture choosing. Hating someone who tells you that you can’t do something. Terrible dating advice song. Old Mr Hamilton - the Yellow Peril. Ending that leaves you hanging. Squatters living in the summer house? Next episode - The Incredible Journey