When You Wish Upon a Podcast

57 - The Incredible Journey

January 27, 2017

Redemption episode - Melissa Paradis. Still fell asleep. The original Homeward Bound. Super shaky cinematography. Phil has name pronunciation problems yet again. Multi-note problems. Our cousin’s dog pulled a miniature incredible journey. Melissa repeats exactly what Amanda talked about earlier. Our Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Sad face notes. Sketchy train track without any drama. Baby bear cat fight. Fantastic Mr Fox - great book, terrible movie. Old Jeremy the Hermit is the best. Mad Hatter situation. Melissa cares more about dogs than humans. Weird little girl like the Blake’s girl. I’m glad that cat came because we couldn’t stand our daughter. Game - would you rather journey questions. Spike face. Operator gossip chain. This movie was missing a journey montage - preferably Send Me On My Way. Dramatic long run ending. New pet Roombas - Roger and Poomba. Roombas make an incredible journey every time. One Tree Hill and Everwood marathons. Next episode - Sword in the Stone.