When You Wish Upon a Podcast

58 - The Sword in the Stone

February 3, 2017

Phil gets wrongly annoyed at the title. Large gap between animated movies. Not the best vetting process for becoming king. Amanda poses with The Once and Future King book for her company photo. Amanda gets caught reading her book during the podcast. Merlin backwards time related backstory. Similar to the movie Memento. Amanda’s demanding list of things for Phil to watch. Archimedes and Merlin’s balanced teamwork. Discussing the physics behind the magical sugar bowl. Game - Higitus Figitus Lyrics. Making cookies and messing up ingredients - you get the gist. Wizard Blizzard - sounds like a good Dairy Queen flavor. Getting called the wrong name. Dave and Dave story. Unrealistic cartoon animal features. Animal training games. Lessons that don’t quite pan out (fish, squirrel, bird. Lost season 5 time travel discussion. Too many dishes for that many people. Phil only has 5 forks but tons of spoons. It’s funny when it happens to someone else but not when it happens to you. Replacing girl with squirrel in songs. Wayside School book series. Reading a mountain of books. Marvelous Magnificent Mad Madam Mim. Wizard duel - Mim vs Merlin. Arthur forgets his one job. A Knight’s Tale movie. Square table or round? Happy Birthday to Zuko. Sword in the Stone attraction. Full House Disney World episodes. Phil got chosen for everything in Disney World. World Showcase Players. Next episode - A Tiger Walks