When You Wish Upon a Podcast

59 - A Tiger Walks

February 10, 2017

First guest on the Oregon side - Jim Paradis. There’s only fog in California. Kevin Corcoran’s final movie. Another waste of a DVD. Who knew that credit cards were a thing in this time. The worst employee causes problem. Never open a tiger cage. Run away, don’t just watch. Incorrect logic to connect the dots. A man in a suit who is there. Supply and demand. Of all the people to get killed, he was the right one. Wonderful World of Disney. Dad brings up the same topic again like Melissa from Incredible Journey. Hot potato strategy and Veep. King of the Jungle. Amazon Echo Dot - Alexa jumps into the conversation. Useless pair’s decision making. Dad misses the whole fog plot. Everyone is hunting for things (except the tiger). Save the tiger song. Game - Weird Protests. If you’re going to protest, have good signage. Julie misses the point. Buy a steak but not for yourself. Dad throwing a mattress on top of Melissa. Annoying children in restaurants. Only in it for the photos. They don’t listen to the expert. Phil and Amanda root against Julie. She had it coming, she only had herself to blame. Mangled shoulder but only one tissue. Good protests can help. Not even trivia - just fun facts. Next episode - The Misadventures of Merlin Jones