When You Wish Upon a Podcast

60 - The Misadventures of Merlin Jones

February 17, 2017

Not about the famous wizard Merlin. Phil’s mistake from Sword in the Stone episode. Difference between adventure and misadventure. Felt like tv show that was smashed into a movie. Teen version of Absent Minded Professor. Is “paper-mation” a thing? Portable brain wave experiment. Using the word to define the word. Reality show of who’s more into the other person. San Francisco old-timey arcade things. Bailing on plans. Library run ins. Judge’s diamond heist. Irresponsible employee. Fake plumber caper. Ordering garbage. Lie detector power. Amanda’s caper in the woods. Game - Mind Reading. Phil and Melissa semi-cheat at Disney Pool Trivia. It’s always seven. Jimmy Fallon Box of Lies and Head Swap. Hypnosis half. Chimp not a monkey. Judge needs writing tips. New authority on hypnosis. Forgetting someone in the car. There’s a little evil in everyone. Glasses without lenses. Tommy Kirk’s Disney firing. People watching and making up stories. Ron Swanson as Duke Silver. Next episode - The Three Lives of Thomasina.