When You Wish Upon a Podcast

61 - The Three Lives of Thomasina

February 24, 2017

Amanda does have friends! First non-family guest and cat expert - Jennifer LeBeau! Thomasina isn't great but they still love her. Phil says something nice about a cat. Our first live-action talking animal. American Girl Doll situation. Geordie is the MVP of the movie. They weren’t used to the book-learnin’. The witch in the woods. Impressive quick list of names. Amanda’s hand was a cat toy. Which pet is more important. A lot of glitter in cat heaven. Phil watches Amanda play computer games. Cat funeral run by kids. Saving the not-dead cat. Horror movie in the making. Spreading lies about the vet. Game - Minor Details. New doctor in town - just like Everwood. She didn’t realize how important I was. Don’t bring a puppy to a kitty party. Overreaction leading to pneumonia. Random circus situation. One foot out the door. Here, hold this moist cat. Crazy good animal actors. Keeping animals in a small apartment. Literal doctor from Arrested Development. Feral cats at Disneyland. Next episode - The Moon-Spinners